Crouched Animation Problem

I have seen this before, and always thought that my avatar crouched when there was a faulty collision model.

It's happening now in Atmosphere Lounge on the left carpet side (the left side, I suppose, is relative, so this is the side just above the robot).

All of the architecture (walls, floors, carpet, etc) is one mesh.  The furniture, posters, robot and light sconces are their own meshes)

I pushed the architecture over 100 meters and left all of the other meshes behind to test to see if maybe it had something to do with one of the smaller meshes.  The problem continued in the same place of the architecture mesh (in the carpetted area to the left of the dance floor)

I had a simplified collision mesh applied to the architecture when this first happened.  So I replaced the collision mesh with the actual mesh of the architecture, and it still happened.  This is what leads me to believe that somehow it is not a collision mesh issue.  Furthermore, when viewing the physics meshes only in edit mode, there seems to be no strangeness.  All the collision meshes of everything seem fine.

Any other ideas?  Is it a bug?


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