Please add the following /command gestures

ack, afk, agree, amaze, apologize, applaud, arch, ayt, bang, bark, bathe,
bbl, beer, beg, bird, bite, bleed, blink, blow, blush, boggle, bonk,
bored, bounce, bow, brb, burp, bye
cackle, calm, caress, censor, cheek, cheer, choke, chuckle, clap, comb,
comfort, congratulate, cough, cringe, cry, cuddle, curious, curse,
dance, doh, dream, drool, dropkick, duck, embrace, envy, eyebrow
fart, fidget, flame, flash, flex, flip, flirt, flutter, fondle, fool,
french, frown, full, fume, fuzzy
gag, gape, gasp, giggle, glare, grin, groan, grope, grovel, growl,
grumble, grunt
hand, happy, hero, hiccup, hiss, hi5, holdon, hop, hug,
hum, hunger, imitate, impale, insult, introduce, jam, jk, jump
kiss, kneel, laugh, lag, lean, lick, love, lost, lucky, massage, melt,
moan, moon, mosh, mourn, mutter, nap, nibble, nod, nog, noogie, nose,
nudge, nuzzle, ogle
panic, pant, pat, peer, pet, pillow, pinch, plonk, point, poke, ponder,
pose, pounce, pout, protect, pucker, puke, pull, punch, purr, push,
puzzle, raise, ready, roar, rofl, roll, rose, rub, ruffle
salute, scare, scold, scratch, scream, seduce, shake, shiver, shove,
shrug, shudder, shush, sigh, sing, skip, slap, slobber, smell, smile,
smirk, smoke, snap, snarl, sneer, sneeze, snicker, sniff, snoogie, snore,
snort, snuggle, spam, spank, spin, spit, squeeze, squirm, stare, steam,
stomp, strangle, stretch, strut, sulk, swat, sweat, sweep
tackle, tango, tap, tarzan, taunt, tease, thank, think, thirst, throw,
tickle, tip, tiptoe, tongue, toss, touch, trip, tug, tweak, twibble,
twiddle, twirl
undress, veto, wait, wave, welcome, wet, whap, whatever, wheeze, whimper,
whine, whistle, wiggle, wince, wink, woops, worship, yawn, yodel, zone

If you think of more please add them too.

This should not take much time since the infrastructure is already in place.



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