Event calendar - "Going?" button

I recommend adding a "Going?" button. When clicked, this indicates that you plan to attend and updates a number visible to the public. Users can search and sort the list based on this.

Technically, clicking "Going?" should offer a popup with 3 choices:

  • Yes - I'm going
  • No - I'm not going
  • Maybe - I might go

The current selection ("No" by default) should be highlighted. The main button should then read "Going: Yes", "Going?", and "Going: Maybe" to reflect your choice.

I recommend also adding an ability right from this popup to schedule one or more reminder emails or in-world popups for visitors who select "Yes" or "Maybe".

Besides helping residents, this could help LL in curating events, including detecting fake "events" that are merely ads or other scams. It should be easy to compare lists of who indicated they would attend with logs of actually did attend to find recurring events that are simply duds.


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