Create event - Recurring events

Thank you for enabling us to create and publish our own events. Please extend that capability to include creating recurring events. The easiest way to do this is to add a "Duplicate" button that invites the user to select a new date and/or time for a single recurrence.

A more sophisticated option would be to create a week-oriented repetition, where the user selects a first date representing the singular date and has a checkbox labeled "Recurring event". When checked, the user would see a series of 7 check boxes representing Sunday - Saturday and also a date representing the end of the series. To prevent abuses, I recommend you limit how far out the end date can be by, say, 32 days. As time progresses, the user can come back and extend the end date up to 32 days into the future. This minimizes the data entry burden while helping ensure the freshness of the event calendar.

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