Recording yourself walking/talking and importing it into an invironment for education or entertainment

If you could make your map and then record your avatars talking/moving so you can add it to your map. I thought it would be really cool if you could do that similar to how immersive education engage has it so you can record yourself giving a presentation and then you can upload it to the server as a lesson. Then if anyone wants to experience your lesson you can look threw the list and click the lesson you want to listen to and watch the persons recorded avatar lesson. I really like engage immersive educations ability to do that but it seems like that idea would be way way better in a open world virtual reality program rather then it just being a single program itself. It would make sansar really awesome if there was a virtual map of a school campus or something where you could go to the classrooms and watch teacher presentations as well as learn interactively with the lessons. 

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