3/20/2018 update wipes out all script settings!

It seems yesterday's update caused all scripts in scenes to forget whatever settings you gave to them and revert to their default values (typically blanks and zeros). This very serious bug affects not only my Reflex and Clockworks scripts, but probably all scripts from all sources that have settings you can edit.

In some cases, scenes continue to work as they did before the update, but if you attempt to edit the scenes, all settings get wiped out.

Although you can manually fix this, I think we need to insist that LL do whatever they can to restore this lost data. I recommend you not edit your scenes yet if they rely heavily on scripts, unless you feel confident you can reproduce your scripts' settings. It took me a long time to repair HoverDerby, which is bristling with scripts. I can't afford to go back and fix all my other now un-editable scenes.


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