Using scripts to control clothing

Early on, LL spent a lot of time talking about maximizing the control experience creators have. One hypothetical feature discussed often was controlling what people wear. Like other people, I think I was questioning how one would automatically determine the appropriateness of one wearable versus another. Today I realized there is a technically simpler solution.

If a script can detect the IDs (and possibly names) of all wearables attached to an avatar, then we can kick people out who are inappropriately attired. In one simple scenario, someone creates a script with a hand-crafted whitelist of all products in the store which are deemed appropriate for some specialty experience. Anyone who is not property attired gets kicked out immediately.

In a more sophisticated use case, someone develops a database with various user-created attire lists. Some are blacklists (kick people out who wear items flagged as inappropriate) and some are whitelists. These lists can be curated by small groups of residents and then subscribed to by experience creators. They might pay a small fee to use those lists, generating revenue for the curators for their ongoing efforts.

(As a side note, there is no way currently for a script to give a message to a user they are sending to some other place. Chat history vanishes as soon as you leave. And scripts can't send IMs.)


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