Auto Rig in lookbook

Not sure if this is a bug or not but the auto rig in lookbook on MD items has changed in a not effective way. In Jan the following wasn’t happening so thought I’d report.  I also know this is early days, so lots will happen as time unwinds. Please know I am an artist, not a program engineer but I have been painting weights on long gowns for over 8 years and I know it’s no easy task. I also know that auto rigging and long gowns never work well together, well hardly ever.  However, I was very surprised to see that the auto rig in January done via MD -Sansar in lookbook on my long medieval gown wasn’t bad at all, in fact with a few well-placed edges via MD I think it could have been a bit smoother. After the last update things changed ((see picture below)) It looks like the auto rigger is assigning geometry to the ankle and below. I find for rigging clothing most of the time you don’t need to ever use the bones below the knee or lower leg unless you are doing socks, some shoes or a complete body.  So, I am wondering if somehow we can have an option to exclude bones below the knee/lower leg?

I also noticed last weekend at the Atlas Hop, (tracking down the item now to get you a pic, will attach when I have it) but someone was dancing in some baggy pants and the lower inside right leg geometry was controlled by the left leg bones. Does the auto rig use the joint hierarchy on geometry or closest joint? (I use Maya so my terminology is via that program) I won’t know until I wear the pant as it might have been auto rigged to the left foot.

I know traditional rigging will overcome any of the above issues, but I love the way people can interact with the MD clothing in Lookbook and I also feel as people will be able to change the shape and size of their avatar the MD simulate is a smart option over making tons of sizes plus it’s so COOL!  I also feel auto rigging can be tweaked to do as we want to give Sansar amazing items.




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