Ability to output text data to clipboard or file

Please give us some way to export data from Sansar.

Here is one specific use case. HoverDerby. When you play a formal bout, I want to record the results in a website. I want to record who played for which teams, the number of times each player captured or was captured, the outcome of the bout, how many seconds it took, and so on.

I assume that some day in the far future we'll eventually be able to talk to a website directly. I know LL is reluctant to offer this capability now, so how about a compromise? Give me some way to output text to the user and let them copy it. One way would be to enable select-and-copy from the chat window. Another way would be to offer the user a text file they can download. A variant of that would be to offer the user the ability to start receiving a text file and the script can keep appending to it during the session.

The closest thing we have to this right now is asking a user to manually enable logging (in SansarClient.toml file) of chat history and then having them go find the right log file and search for and copy the chat message from it. This is way too much work for most users.

Can we have something soon? Please?


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