Script-accessible access control lists (ACLs)

Now that Sansar is getting to the point of having access control lists (ACLs), I'd like to propose to take it to a higher level. Let's make it so creators can make and own their own ACLs and simply apply them to scenes and other elements, like privacy volumes. A scene owner could then select an ACL from a drop-down list of ones they own or have rights to view when editing the scene.

This would essentially be a special-purpose database. I think it would be essential for scripts owned by an ACL's owner to read and modify the list. Also, the ACL should have its own owner-controlled policies. For example, the owner could decide to make it so anyone could view an ACL. Most of us would keep them secret, I imagine. Moreover, the ACL should have 2 mini ACLs of its own: who can read the list and who can change it.

This mechanism can support security across many scenes, for example, But it can also support paid access to premium content. And make it possible for a scene to be parceled out to multiple renters. This could also be the beginnings of a basic group concept, too. And it could support a community-standards regime. There's quite a range of possibilities to this one feature.


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