Privacy volumes

I'd like to request a new feature that lets us carve volumes out of a scene that are for "privacy". What I mean is that someone outside such a zone cannot see or hear anything inside the zone. To be more precise, the scene creator would get to decide the behavior using these options:

  1. Insiders can see out
  2. Outsiders can see in
  3. Mutually exclusive

I picture a privacy volume being added and configured in the same way as a trigger volume. Let's say they start out being limited to sizable cubes.

For best effect, there needs to be a "Zone name" setting that's a string. Let's say the building you want secured is "L" shaped. You add two privacy volumes that together form your "L" shape. You give them the same zone name; say "Bath House". So now anyone in one of the two zones can see people in the other zone of the same name. This allows complex shapes to be built up from simple ones.

Ideally, this would also be combined with access control lists. Imagine an ACL manager for a scene or perhaps a larger entity. That would mean that your zone should also have a setting to select an ACL to use. Picture this as yet another resource, like an audio resource or cluster resource.

There's a lot of use cases for this. Thoughts?


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