HIVE MIND Game Experience

Would you like to help build an experience and play a game for a little fun at the same time?


A race of humanoids follow a societal structure with some similarlity to bees.

There is one Queen. She is a recluse, and speaks to no one, except the Drone.

Beyond these two individuals, there are two classes of people. The Workers and the Creatives.

The Creatives come up with ideas, that are communicated to the Drone, who, in turn, communicates the ideas to the Queen.

The Workers are instructed by the Drone, to carry out ideas that are approved by the Queen.

You, are a Creative.

You have a 4 level map. (levels 0 through 3)

As a group, the Creatives must place one feature on the map per turn.

One Creative is responsible for each turn. They may add 1 feature on the map during that turn. They may listen to the other Creatives to guide their hand, or they may make their own decision.

The Queen, has a set of rules that you do not know. As per her rules, she may not approve a feature and remove it before the next turn. She may also not approve a feature, but put in on probation, and allow two turns for the feature to be fixed as per the rules (that you are not told). When this happens, a red X will appear on the feature for two turnes before it is removed. Or, it may fit her rules, and she will approve it and it will stay.

On your turn, to place a feature on the map, you must colour in a feature. Copy the current version of the map to a simple paint program, and use a flood fill to to colour in the section. Colour in, only white areas as per the features below. Do not try to colour in probation areas that have a red X on them.

The features you may place are depicted on the right hand side of the image. They are as follows:

-A hexagonal floor
-A full wall
-A low wall
-An archway
-A windowed wall
-A column
-A stair
-A roof (there are only five of these available)

The game is won, when you have placed all five of the roofs, at least one of which must be on level 3.

If no more features can be placed on the map as per the Queen's Rules, the game will end, lost, and be restarted from the beginning.

The winning prize is the building of this collaborative piece of conceptual architectual art in Sansar for a time, until the game is started again.



1. download the image, and open it in a simple paint program.

2. add one of the features shown in the examples on the right to one of the levels of the map using the flood fill tool.

3. you may colour *only* white areas.

4. your submission will be publicly chosen, and then approved or not approved by the Queen as per her rules , which you do not know.

5. take turns with other players adding 1 feature per turn to the map.

6. submissions are taken on a first come first served basis.  If two submissions are made in a row without comment from the Queen, the second will be ignored.

7. talk amongst yourselves in this forum post, to decide on what you think the rules may be based on approvals and disapprovals so that more successful submissions can be made.

8. when the game is won (more info about that above), the image is used to make a Sansar experience you can visit.



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