Sansar Top 5 with Sam & Boden FAQ

What is "Sansar Top 5 with Sam & Boden"?


Most weeks — see the Events page for latest showtime — Sam & Boden (and Torley, apparently) from the Sansar team are exploring, and sharing a themed top 5 list of awesomeness they can’t get enough of! It's usually experiences made by our talented creators, but the top 5 could include other items too… stay tuned for surprises!

This is a fun and fast guided tour, along with the witty social repartee that only a group dynamic like ours can provide. We keep things really casual and playful. We're allegedly a laid-back yet efficient bunch. You may make a new friend or even the love of your life! Who knows!?

Usually, the format goes a little something like this…

  1. A few minutes before the show, teleport to the starting location of this week's episode.
  2. Sam & Boden teleport in to enthusiastically greet our fellow explorers. They'll give context about what today's show is about, and what to expect next.
  3. Then, we're off to the first Top 5 place, with Sam & Boden calling out highlights and inviting audience participation! If we're honored to have the experience creator with us, we'll invite them to show us around and share some of the story behind their scene.
  4. A few minutes after, it's on to the next place! Torley pastes the link in text chat, so click it to teleport! We usually stay around at an experience's spawn point for a few moments before venturing forth.
  5. Rinse and repeat until we've toured all Top 5!

Wow, was that just a 5-point list about the Top 5? Such is life!

And by the way, don't worry if you get separated from the main group, the 5 links are pasted beforehand in Discord (see below).

How else can I participate?

Glad you asked, even if it's really just this FAQ making blatant assumptions about what you'd wanna know next. We encourage fellow intrepid adventurers to join us in discovering the wonders of all Sansar has to offer as our virtual world continues to unfold and expand.

Since each show has a theme that's announced ahead of time, we urge that you also dress up your avatar to show your spirit, aka so others won't laugh at you for being awkwardly anachronistic. Just kidding. Need some snazzy duds? Check out the Sansar Store!

If you have a VR headset, we highly recommend being in VR for the most immersive experience. Eventually, we plan to show text chat in VR and introduce other features which should make it easier to travel together. Until then, when appropriate, we may also feature this week's Top 5 places at the top of the Atlas, which you can browse in VR.

What if I can't come into Sansar?

@#$% WHAT???

If you can't join us in-avatar due to work or some other terrible excuse, you can always watch the livestream posted in Discord. Shows are also recorded and archived for future entertainment on both Twitch and YouTube, so you can get a better idea of how we rock 'n' roll, and the past themes we've already covered.

Torley is the "livestream camera", so ask him if you have questions about that. Smile! You're on camera, so be on your best behavior, whether that includes cuddling up to NPCs, shameful littering rearranging physical objects into a quasi-artsy heap, or other ersatz antics...

NOTE that we'll do our best to announce when we start/stop the stream recording. There may be some pre- and post-show fun that's off-camera, like hanging out early at Sam Junipero, and exclusive to people lucky enough to join us in Sansar!

Wait, what's Sam Junipero?

Besides a wicked pun? Sam Junipero serves as our hub hangout spot between shows. Sam's virtual home evolves over time as the adventures continue — and sometimes in response to events that just transpired during a show, because you made it happen.

So what about future shows?

You can always see the next scheduled shows on the Events page.

Any other tips?

If you're on a slower connection or just want to be prepared, we recommend you pre-cache the top 5 experiences by loading them shortly before the show. You don't need to wander around beforehand (unless you wanna, don't feel guilty about it!), simply loading into a scene is enough to recall it faster the next time you enter, unless the creator rebuilds it.

Can I recommend an experience for Sansar Top 5?

Unlike getting your script read in showbiz, yes, we take unsolicited submissions. We're all ears to your splendors of the metaverse. Tell us why a place matters to you. Go ahead and… keep reading...

I have other feedback!

I know you are but what am I? That's not a question, but you can reply to this post.

In between shows, feel free to chat with us by joining Discord, then come on over to #events-and-meetups, where we'll post photo memories and bring up other pertinent stuff. We are @SamD, @Boden-Linden-1, and @TORLEY, should you feel there is a matter worth pinging us directly about.

Or email us, st5@sansar.com

Be seeing you in Sansar!

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