Subscription pricing a la carte

The current subscription model strikes me as odd:

  • $10/mo for 5 experiences (Creator)
  • $30/mo for 10 experiences (Super Creator)
  • $100/mo for 20 experiences (Professional)

This doesn't fit the usual model of volume pricing, where prices go down as sales volume goes up. I kinda wonder if anyone is currently paying for the Super Creator — let alone Professional — levels. An obvious hack would be to pay for 10 Creator subscriptions (slightly under $100/mo) to get 50 experiences.

May I suggest an alternative: A la carte pricing. The Creator level amounts to $2/mo per experience. Maybe just go with that. Maybe once you have purchased a Creator subscription, you pay an extra $2/mo for each extra experience you want to enable.

One other odd thing about the current subscription model is that you can't even have more than 20 experiences with the advertised pricing. This would solve that, too.


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