Graphics occlusion flag - Audio collision flag - etc

Need to add some sort of flag that tells the game engine not to adjust the camera if the object would otherwise.

Don't know the proper terminology all here so an explanation will be better.

If you have an alpha'd out object that is animated, like say a platform that simulates a trampoline. And you stand with your back to it. It should not bounce your camera all over if this flag is set on that object.

Basically the flag would tell the graphics engine ignore this object for all things.

It might ever be suitable to have an independent flag to tell the audio engine,, ignore this object. You could have a case like a fence that is nothing more than a wire mesh texture on a mostly alpha's object.

Since the system can't possibly be expected to detect how much alpha is there vs. not, we need a flag on object to forcibly tell the engines how to handle them


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