Mixed Reality Headsets avatar control

I'm using Lenovo Explorer, a part of Windows Mixed Reality program. It's working with steamVR libraries, and most SteamVR applications use it as expected.

It also works in Sansar, but not fully, let me explain. I can rotate my head and view rotates and moves with it, I can see my blue "ghost" hands tracking perfectly, I can grab objects and throw them around, but nothing gets passed through to my avatar - it stays motionless, like if I was in desktop mode. Only way my headset affects my avatar is when I walk in real life, my avatar shifts position accordingly.


So, seeing as Sansar "understands" MR headset data very well (tracking is perfect), could we ask LL team to do one last push, and see why the motion from headset and motion controllers doesn't animate the avatar? Thank you =)


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