Lift pure black shadows in Lookbook lighting

The more excited I get about this latest fashion release (so excited!), the more I am bothered by the way the avatar is lit in the character creator.

Right now there are some distracting pure black shadows on the avatar, making them look extra CG. I'm so happy that the bloom/atmo was taken down from the previous release so we can see the avatar clearly, but the darkness of the shadows really stands out now.

In the lookbook lighting, the screen right shadows are pure black. There is a shadowless fill light on the left which causes the black shadow to look very complicated on her neck. (blue line)

On the right is the base template scene after I slightly tweaked the lights (sun/sky) to be less bright. I think the downturned camera helps a little too. It's not perfect, but I prefer this soft simple lighting. What do you guys think?

Sky brightness -1.25
Bloom Strength & Glow: .25
Light0 intensity: 6.75


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