Your Free Creator Subscription is Ending ...

I got this email notification today ...

"Your Free Creator Subscription is Ending"

Personally speaking, so early in the development of the program, I think subscription plans are over-rated.

I, for one, can't afford to *renew* this free subscription. I know LL probably wants to start earning income from this program ASAP, I understand that ... but I can't justify paying for SL AND Sansar. I just can't. I have to choose between eating and paying for hobbies and so far eating wins.

IMHO, enforcing these subscription plans so early (you are still in beta) is going to do more harm than good. I will likely loose interest in Sansar soon after my *free* subscription ends on Jan 31st. I have SL so there within I shall be happy ;o}

Once this *free* subscription ends I will be limited in how many items I can sell in my store, and down to three experiences (not that I've taken them up on the 5 since I knew I would loose two anyway). I've said all this before. But I say it again, it's too early to be charging people. Just my opinion.

I have to first be able to earn some S$ so I can afford to pay for a subscription and so far that's not happening. I don't blame people for not buying things at this point, too many bugs that need to be worked out first.

Don't get me wrong, I've appreciated the *free* subscriptions to date (two rounds of three months each) but I just can't justify paying for it right now, especially because I do pay for SL already as I've said before.

I believe many feel the same as I and I fear you will loose more than you will gain.


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