Simulation offset on clothing for different imports/creators?

I have made pants, I have made tops. To keep the patterns not too big, as advised by LL, they are separate items. When I put them on in the lookbook they fight a bit and then they settle nicely. In-world they do poke a bit, the pants poke trough the top. On different simulations and bakes they sometimes they do ok together, but not always!

Are they both fighting over the same avatar offset? Is the offset 3mm default on anything we import? Is there an order to put on clothing? 

If the 3mm is default.... we should have a slot/layer for underwear/ clothing/ over clothing like coats, scarfs etc.

Maybe this can be solved in MD? I don't mean making it an outfit as ppl will buy a top from 1 store and a pair of pants from another. That is not the question and will not be a solution unless we are informed pants/skirts and tops/ jackets can only be worn together if they are made as an outfit/complete garment in MD.

Pls some input on this! Have you seen this behavior in your uploads? 


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