Camera Controls for Desktop With Full Sized Keyboards - Improvements Needed

The camera controls for desktop are what I describe as "three hand" controls. You must use the mouse (first hand) the right hand on the keyboard for the arrow keys (second hand) and the left hand for Camera Up and Camera Down (third hand). Is this like another game that I have not played? I have never had a need to use WASDEC, because I have always had a full sized keyboard. So, to say it is easier to use WASDEC is not relevant to this discussion. That would be like telling me that I never needed to buy the full size keyboard.

This request is not to describe how to make it work, but to mention that it needs some serious usability study and improvements.

I have adapted to camera controls in various programs and Sansar is the most difficult of all. Even after using Sansar for more than 8 months it still feels awkward to move the camera to take photographs of products for the Sansar Store.


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