Phong Shader & Import Issues

Hello, sadly for me i dont work in blender or 3ds or autodesk, so i have abit of a harder time trying to convert my models, personally i use photoshop, zbrush, for my modeling any have always found the other programs, very hard to learn, huge learning curve.

i have so many 3d assets from over the years all in different formats, problem is after i resolved one issue another one pops up, this is my 3rd day in sansar and i have not been able to upload a single one of my fbx files,

i have set the file structure up as mentioned in the forum but the upload screen keeps pumping out errors, its quite frustrating, dont get me wrong im so happy to of been invited i just would like to post this and hopefully someone could shed some light on the situation.

i have converted the textures for the model and placed them in a textures folder within the model folder, problem is i am getting some errors messages, from the logs it states " [Image] Unknown image extension: !C:Users/Kaila/Desktop/3D Assets 2016-2017/ALTAR/altar_D.dds

strange thing is the file format is not dds its png.

the only thing i can think of is the dds texture is embedded in the fbx file, but after a forum member suggested placing the pngs in the folder i mentioned above the error message changed to  [ContentExport] No mesh node found, i have tried to convert to many formats with the end result being a fresh fbx but i am presented with this error now!

the funniest thing is i just checked over the creating assets section in the forum and read this here

The asset you are importing should have Phong shader(s) applied.  Sansar has a physically based renderer (PBR), and can use PBR texture maps when they are assigned to the proper channels of your objects Phong shader(s). 

PBR Texture to Phong Shader Channel Mapping Guide:

  • Diffuse/Albedo Map >> Phong Color Channel
  • Normal Map >> Phong Bump / Normal Channel
  • Roughness Map >> Phong Specular Color Channel
  • Metalness Map >> Phong Reflective Color Channel
  • Detailed Normal >> Phong Ambient Color Channel*

Not supported in Blender at this time

Note: This process will improve in future releases!

personally i have never heard of phong shader, maybe this is my problem if i dont know what it is i cant apply it to my model lol, i look online for info and resources on the subject but find nothing about it, i do have the normal's, spec and diffuse maps but im not sure what im doing wrong, is there going to be other way, as me and alot of my friends have never heard of phong, surely it would be better using a more popular format.

im not sure what to do here but im dying to start creating an experience.

any information that may help would be greatly appreciated!


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