Please add Moonlight Streaming Support


I am trying to share/show experiences with Sansar, not just "play" around with it, but there are some work-arounds that would be *really* helpful.

1.) Please make Sansar accessible via VPN. I don't mind granting permissions for telemetry so you can make it better, but VPN is a must.

2.) Enable WiFi/USB streaming via tools such as Moonlight. If you don't know about it, it's an app where I can connect a high-end smartphone via USB and/or WiFi/LBE to a Workstation.


TL;DR this is an example case:

For example, with Steam/Valve, I can showcase traditionally 3D games, and convert to stereo VR to make parts of my presentations.

If you can enable this with Sansar: then potential clients, who may not always have a high-end VR HMD, may have something we ship in advance; such as a Cardboard, or a generic smartphone adapter from Amazon, so they can access these virtual worlds.

This makes all the difference, to go from a flat 16:9 presentation, to a stereoscopic immersive VR experience. The "HooToo," HMD on Amazon, for example, is just $25, and gives an excellent 105 degree FOV, with focus and IPD adjustments, and accepts nearly all smartphones. IMHO, with an iPhone 6s Plus, VR looks *better* than a Samsung Gear VR because there is no "screen-door" effect with pixels. Connected to a workstation with Moonlight, and using a screenshare, we can do VR presentations, and we'd like to incorporate Sansar, because of its potential in the marketplace.

Email if you have any questions. Thanks!



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