Vive VR issues/glitches noticed

@Jason ,

i finally got my Vive headset repaired and back in working order woohoo  so i spent today giving it a good workout and have some issues i wanted to chat about.

First off it seems really touchy about VR headset functioning when i want to go into scene edit mode, most times i just couldnt get it working for some reason even though visiting a scene was always no problems.

The second issue i was noticing was when you use alot of lights in a darker scene alot of flickering from the light source was happening as if the engine didnt know if shadows were there or not and kept appearing and dissapearing like someone messing with the light switch.It also seemed to make some of  build edges spakle like crazy, i noticed this happening at your Cinema build as well IE: around the ticket seller box. Is there anyway i can resolve this with topology changes or something?

Most of the issues i had were to do with use of lights and light placement so any helpful hints you can give would be amazing plus any tips on workflow into edit mode without the Vive having a fit would be great :)


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