4k YouTube video as media URL

I'm making an arcade. In order to have every game screen showing its own animated video using only one Media URL, I had to combine over a dozen different videos into one. This meant I had to use a high resolution to fit them all without quality loss. The video was uploaded to YouTube as a 4k vid.

Unfortunately Sansar seems to have a hard limit of 2048x2048 for Media URLs. As a result, the screens in my arcade are showing very grainy, blurry footage. I really need them to be viewable in at least 4k to look OK.

 Can you PLEASE let us set the Media URL width/height to something higher than 2048x2048? Either that or let us use more than 1 Media URL so I don't have to cram them all in one single video.

4k is essential for high quality stereoscopic footage. Stereoscopic videos require double the resolution (since the image gets split in half), so 1080p just isn't enough.


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