Apparently I put these requests in as a *ticket* when they tell me it needs to be in Feature Requests where it hopefully these will get votes and the more votes the more they're likely to see and/or implement some or all. Please vote and comment ...


- I need to be able to move/slide my avatar up or down in the screen and to pan all around her for a really good look at the clothing I'm making. For instance, I have a poofy top but I can't see well under her breast to see how it's looking on her in world. This should also be done for in world so that things or clothing can be properly inspected once *live*.

- Pretty please, at least put a color picker in the clothing section!??? And, I'd really like it if we could change textures in world, like we do in SL, please!??? That way plain clothing models won't be a waste ;o/ I am uploading the plain ones, mostly as a test ...BUT... it would be nice to texture them or colorize them in world, and especially for sales whereby peeps can purchase a full perm (plain) version and play with it themselves in world.

- Sansar is not remembering the SIMULATE CLOTH settings after the item has been removed and reattached, not good LOL There should be a SAVE SIMULATION for each person to use and permanently save the SIMULATED CLOTH and a default way to revert back to the normal simulation (what the item was at default upload) as well.

- I see a whole lot of coat hangers in place of clothing items, it's so easy to do a transparent pix of your clothing items folks, right in MD! Sansar should probably warn people there is no graphic associated with clothing before uploading the item.

- LOOKBOOK cannot be accessed from within an experience, for quick changes??? Why? I have to go back to the atlas just to find it!? Please put that option in world!

- Skin editing options please, pretty please?

- When can we start changing the avatar shape outside of Sansar? This girl is in serious need of fixes, especially the size of her hands 0.o (just my opinion of course).

- Thank you for underwear on the default avatar LOL nudity is not my thang. But, it should be an option for those that don't want it or for those that will choose to make their own underwear in the future. At least give us the initial ability to change the underwear colors?


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