Marvelous Designer white lines on edges of pattern

I have been at this for a few days but I cannot seem to fix this issue. White lines appear on all edges of my patterns. Using a dark fabric makes this very noticeable. 

I tried to fix it by:

- using a background image that kind of matches fabric color in the 2d sewing window in MD (don't know if this is even taken into account on export/import)

- Making sure my stitches were the same color as the fabric if there were any (most are not included in the export anyway)

- using my own roughness and metal upon upload (so the fabric does look good, not too shiny)

- pulling my hair out (that just hurt)

Non of this worked completely, I still am looking at ugly white edges and seams. I hope some1 can comment/help out!

I find it hard to find workarounds as we don't know what is exported and why. We don't get to see any UV and have no options for bleeding if there are any. We have just the option to push the export to Sansar format and hope for the best. Maybe there is a simple solution that I just overlooked? I love dark colors and I would hate to have to stick to white and off-white fabrics ;)


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