New Import Script panel

I like the new design for the Import Script panel. At first I was annoyed to see that the "Upload" button was missing from the inventory panel, but we were warned that it would move. It took me a minute to find the "Import" button on the toolbar.

One thing I appreciate is that this is not a modal window. You don't have to close it once you've uploaded a script. You can just leave it open like other resident panels. That makes it easy to upload one script after another while building.

I also appreciate that it remembers the last script you uploaded. So I can publish and test and come back, open the Import Script panel, and it's already got the script I am working on prefilled for quick re-import. That small change speeds up the development and debugging process.

I also appreciate that selecting a new file changes the item name, now. Previously, it would retain the name of the first selection, which could cause the item name to be wrong if you changed your mind and selected a different file.

Thanks, guys.

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