Please optimize Sansar for AMD Hardware

Sansar is near unusable on modern AMD Hardware atleast in my case when editing,having heard in past from Philip that SL was optimized for Nvidia, has this nearsightedness been carried over to Sansar as well?, did not have, yet still 32GB of memory was being completely used with a 8 full GB of DDR5 on my RX480 GPU being used up as well. then I added another 32 GB of Ram for a total of 64GB, it sucked that out like a fat man with a milkshake too, All 8 cores of my Ryzen 1800X were also being used 100% with 16 threads fully being maxed out, my system was crashed very hard under the severe load, not wanting to burn out my GPU just to build my experience, I'm going to retry Sansar next year, maybe then modern affordable hardware will be supported.

Still unable to add/change textures to things already in the scene, was already in a losing battle until those features are added, if they do get added who knows.


75 Windows in Firefox open in search the on Deviantart website.

25 Instances of Blender editing/rendering running with 100 GB Models.

50 Edit Windows in Photoshop open each with 10000x10000 PSD files with 200x layers of same size textures.

25 Instances of MakeHuman in editing mode running

10 of my all alts logged into Secondlife on max settings at the same time.

100 YouTube videos playing at once

Batch editing 100 gigabytes of file with 1 terabytes of data at one time.

1 game of minesweeper being played

All this at one time

Not even half the resources used or system crash combined compared to the massive stress that almost melted my GPU editing my experience in Sansar.

I like Sansar, just not wanting to destroy a $1800 system.


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