Icing Object (for Gingerbread House)

Hey all!

I have just uploaded a Gingerbread House to the store.  It is meant to be custom decorated by the purchaser with various candy objects available currently and in the future, in the store.  The icing is an interesting matter ... It's a layer that adds icing to the plain Gingerbread House.  

I've offered an icing layer to be bought for free in the store that I designed.  However, I also want to offer the icing layer mesh for free download, and the associated texture templates.  This will allow folks to make their own icing layer by creating textures, uploading the mesh to Sansar, and replacing its textures with their own.

Here are files you need:

FRONT Template:


SIDE Template:


ROOF Template: (for the roof, ust use a 1024x1024 sized image)



Have Fun!


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