Experience Preview mode in edit.

We really need a preview mode in edit.
Now when you run some experience that's published in the atlas. It get automatic updated as soon you test it. Because we cannot preview the experience before pushing it to publish.

Now you can say, make a copy of the scenme and test it in other experience. I would have done that. If it where easy to copy a scene.
But that's a pretty complex still scary process and the change of mistakes is bigger and it only generate more scenes and chaos.

What we need is a Build/Preview and Publish button in the editor.
If you go in build.preview it means you can look and test it like it's a published experience and you can invite people. But it does not overwrite the existing one in the atlas.

If that's to difficult, make it easy to copy a scene by add a copy button to the creator options.

Still like to see preview option because it saves experiences and complexity. And keep things simple.




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