Are there plans to simplify scripting in Sansar?

I'm a bit confused about the decision to implement scripting with C#, let alone the utter lack of documentation/guidance here (the existing docs are all but useless for your average "creator").  Am I missing something?

I took the time to learn modeling so that I could become a creator and it has been an awesome journey.  I'm no stranger to scripting languages but I wouldn't call myself a programmer.

I was led to believe Sansar was going to be VR "for the masses" and in my opinion as someone who has been around computers, IT, the internet since the first shot at VR in the 90's, the decision to make scripting so unreachable does not seem like a smart one.  I'm not easily turned off by difficult tech, but even I'm thinking twice about moving to one of the other platforms to create.

Are they planning to stick with C# and if so, will they be creating simplified libraries so more people are enabled to get involved?  I not completely opposed to taking the time to dive into C# but the documentation and examples provided are barely a place to get started.  Might as well through Japanese kanji in the sample scripts files and tell people to learn the language too.

Sorry, I don't like to complain, but I feel like I'm either missing something or LL made some decisions I'm not sure I can get on board with.


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