Education Feature Request

As an educator I can see the vast benefits of using a VR platform in the classroom to enable children to experience the vast array of VR environments that will eventually be available to visit.


The primary concern as a teaching professional at the moment with regards to this is the protection of children from physical, social and emotional harm.


Due to this before the educational benefits of Sansar as a platform can be fully explored an element of control for parents and teachers regarding what children can access would be necessary. I propose the following system be implemented. It would still put the focus and onus for compliance on the teacher (or other adult who provides access to the service) and not rely on any direct moderative input from Linden Labs, merely the implementation of the protocols and procedures to ensure the system operated effectively.


  • Adults with the relevant account level are able to create an array of sub-accounts which children can use, that will have the ability to be monitored and have access controlled from the parent account.
  • Children using a child account can only access the experiences that the adult has added to a whitelist.
  • The adult account holder has the option to allow “general access” to an experience or “separate access” which places the children’s avatars into a separate instance of the experience.
  • The adult has the ability to add other adult accounts to the whitelist to allow interaction between “guest speakers” and the children.
  • All IM functionality is able to be blocked on children’s account, or restricted to people which the responsible adult authorises.

There are also many more features that could be implemented to ensure a robust system for child access to Sansar, and I would be willing to explore these ideas with Linden Labs should they wish for my professional input.


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