Reflex 3 scripts: Rewritten from scratch

As I've discussed a lot lately, I've been working on a total rewrite of all my Reflex 2 scripts. The first batch from Version 3 are now ready and all free:


I've also completely rewritten that documentation website. Sorry; it's dry but it's informative. If you want to just see some of the scripts in action, check them out at my showroom:


Reflex 3 is significantly different in every way, including the communication layer, so I designed it to not be compatible with earlier Reflex scripts. You can have both sets operating just fine in the same scene, but they won't talk to each other. I encourage you to replace all your old Reflex scripts with 3.0 or higher versions. Also, some of the names have changed (e.g., "sound emitter" is now "audio emitter").

I encourage you also to start by installing the Reflex console script in all your scenes. Even if you don't use other Reflex scripts, it offers some cool toys, including the ability to offer other visitors a teleport to your location and to teleport yourself to some specific coordinates. But more importantly, it keeps an eye on the health of your Reflex 3 scripts and enables you to live-program them. With that you can fine-tune almost every setting they offer in the editor and even some hidden ones. This is especially useful for tuning your audio emitters' loudness levels, for example.

Almost every script comes with significant improvements over the old versions. And there are some new scripts, including one for detecting users pressing shortcut keys (e.g., "F", "3", or "F10").

Most of these new scripts are designed to be mobile. The audio emitter script can work with an audio emitter object attached to a moving vehicle to have the sound follow it, for example. And that vehicle can also have a bubble in which certain typed commands, key presseslocks-and-keys, and other sensors follow it in real time.

Technically speaking, I'm not done creating Reflex 3 scripts. This first release includes all the sensors and actuators I had planned. These replicate almost every feature found in version 2 and add more. However, some minor features were lost. I took them out because I thought it very important to make Reflex scripts more like single-serving building blocks than before. So my next round of releases will be what I call "logic" scripts. These will include sophisticated per-scene or per-person memories of events with which you can add time delays, multi-condition satisfaction, and various other game-play features, just by dropping in and configuring scripts and without writing any code. Give me another week or two.


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