[HELP] If your audio is crackling or stuttering, here are some things to try...

We're continuing to optimize Sansar's performance, and this includes audio.

However, if you're experiencing crackling/static in audio, here are some things that may help before you contact our support:

First, is it all audio in a scene, or just voice, or certain types of sounds (emitters)? If you're able to make an audio or video recording so we can see and hear it ourselves, that can be very useful to determining a specific cause.

Does your computer meet our minimum system requirements for desktop or VR mode? Sansar will have performance issues, including audio stuttering, on lower-end machines, and you'd likely need to upgrade if that's the case.

If your motherboard uses Realtek onboard audio with DSP "enhancers" like a volume normalizer or something similar, try turning them off in the Realtek (or equivalent) control panel. Some users have had problems with leaving those on. They add another level of processing, that in some cases, can add latency (lag) to Sansar audio, which can result in crackling.

If you have multiple audio outputs, try alternating between them and listen if the crackling happens across all of them, or just one. The goal here is to isolate under which conditions the crackling happens.

If you're on a laptop, even a relatively fast gaming model, try turning off any power-saving optimizations that may be enabled, especially if you're trying to run on battery. These are found at the Windows OS level, but there are also some 3rd-party utilities that may affect this. These options tend to extend battery life with a trade-off of lower performance, which can result in hiccups.

Also, if you have a VR headset, note that Sansar automatically switches its audio input/output to your headset's when you go into VR mode, and switches back to your desktop input/output when you leave VR.

If you open the Task Manager, do you see anything else using considerable CPU power that may be competing with Sansar? Try turning off other resource-intensive applications, even temporarily, to narrow things down.

If the audio crackling happens at odd intervals instead of constantly, watch the Task Manager to see if there's any noticeable change of activity when the crackling starts.

If you're asked by a Sansar team member for your specs and don't know what parts are in your computer, you can use DxDiag to make a report to send us. GPU-Z will show us your graphics card info, since sometimes, a slower graphics card that's unable to keep up with rendering will also lead to audio problems. A mismatched computer where one part is the "bottleneck" slowing down other, faster parts is also likely to result in such issues.

Please feel free to share your experiences, and if there are any tips that should be here too, just let me know!

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