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(caveat:) I understand that its likely avatars are a whole thing to roll out one day, and that what we have now is temporary.

That said, it would be great in the short term to have:
*-One long hair option for men.
*-One slightly historical/fantasy option for clothing for each gender.  I'm thinking something really basic.  A belted tunic or shirt over pants with simple leather shoes, or boots (into which the pants can be tucked).
*-Another attachment node or two for the head area


-A separate mode of walking that we can choose, where the left and right keys rotate the avatar instead of panning/walking in front.

-The ability to jump a little (correct me please if I just don't know how to do this)


-Ability to set a water layer at 0 that has a nice realistic shader. This way, islands will look awesome.


-Male and Female Avatars in Swim Suits (so that they can be tricked out with accessories without clothing underneath.

-Accessory attachment nodes on upper arms and upper legs (thigh).

-See through glass shaders.

-Sitting animation built into avatars.

-Simple dancing animation built into avatars.

-Ability to add a clickable node to a furniture mesh, such that when you click it, your avatar moves to the mesh, and sits where the node is.

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