Quick access inventory


I thougth if it would be possible to have like an Quick acces inventor where we can store stuff and just drag it out if we need it .So if i visit a place and find a flashlight there i can pick it up and moove it on my belt or backpack .there could be a limit to it licke only 5 objects allowed or something .if i now in a dark experience i can grap back on my belt and pick the flashlight and use it .The things i have in my quick acces list retun to me if i drop them after a few seconds so that people cant just throw out unlimeted objects everywhere .This in combination with a little crafting script would add a cool and easy to use game element and allow me to make earnable freebis for my place .people come there and can find things for example a wood stick a piece of fabrick dipped in patrol and a lighter .if they collected it all they get a Torch out of it wich they than can always use again.


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