Material Blending Important Improvements (MBII)

Hello friends! At this moment when I'm using the material blending I'm getting some unusual results. For example:

(blend map using whole green quad over quad for albedo 2 and whole red quad over quad for albedo 1)

while I am expecting this (same as photoshop layers):

so that looks like Sansar shader works like:

 albedo = albedo3 + (albedo1 * blendmap.r + albedo2 * blendmap.g) / (blendmap.r + blendmap.g)

or something like that...

this is wrong way

I'm expecting that shader should work like this:


albedo = lerp(albedo3, albedo2, blendmap.g);

albedo = lerp(albedo, albedo1, blendmap.r);


so that top layer will be fully visible if it have 100% "255" surface in the blend map




Please make possible to use alpha channel as additional alpha for the map. In this case we will be able to use same textures (layers) for different base layers (background layers).

so that the shader will looks like:

albedo = lerp(albedo3, albedo2.rgb, blendmap.g * albedo2.a);

albedo = lerp(albedo, albedo1,rgb, blendmap.r * albedo1.a);


Please add the "Sharpness" or "HeightLerp"

read there please to learn:

Valve sharpness: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/$blendmodulatetexture

UE4 height lerp: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Rendering/Materials/Functions/Reference/Texturing/#heightlerp


Thanks for attention!


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