Light falls off to steeply: Add an adjustment

I've noticed that in dark scenes, point lights seem to have very short fall-offs that seem unrealistic. Yes, increasing the intensity increases the distance light seems to travel, but that can create unnaturally bright local lighting conditions.

I'd like to propose the addition of a "Falloff" slider to the settings for a light. This isn't the same as "Range", which controls how far away objects can be to still be impacted by the light (as far as I can tell). This would govern the inverse-square-law function that controls how bright light is based on distance.


This slider would cover values from 1/M to N (M and N are positive whole number constants like 10 or 100) and be multiplied by the Distance value before it gets squared. The default should be 1 and thus not change the current falloff equation. Values below 1 would increase how far light seems to "reach" and values above 1 would decrease it.

I realize this violates the inverse square law, but it is in keeping with human perception. At night, if you look directly at a lantern, you probably won't see anything around you. But if you hold the lantern away from your face, your eyes will dilate to take in more of the light the lantern casts. That's what this could simulate.


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