More in-context branding

Thanks for letting us add a store brand image, Linden Lab. And now I hate to sound like an ingrate, but I kinda wanna complain about it a little.

What's the point of branding? To clearly identify a group of products (and services) with a recognizable identity. Now, admittedly, our names are intrinsically brands, but let's face it: that's not why you added brand images. You recognize the value of brands just like we do. Brands go right on products and on advertising for them , not just on a little sign on the service entrance behind the store.

So why is the only way to see a brand image by going to that person's store, explicitly? How often is this likely to happen, anyway? I had kinda assumed these brand images would appear on the detail pages for all items. Ideally, I imagined they would also show up in tiny form above or below the thumbnail images for items in search results. Since we're not supposed to put branding images in our thumbnails, that's a logical alternative, right?

Moreover, why can't I identify my "Metaverse Machines" brand in plain text somewhere? Like on the same page as where I uploaded that image. After all, shouldn't the store's search also search on that brand name?

I'm assuming this is just the first step in a long process of fleshing out branding. But I think I really need to say these things because I shouldn't just assume that. Can you guys give us some sense of what the next steps probably are? You don't have to 100% commit to any specific new feature; just give us some "we want to do X and we probably will do Y" sorts of hedges.

Please tell me this new brand image is really not the answer to our strongly expressed wishes for branding. Thank you.


I also want to re-express my strong wish to allow one user to have multiple brands, not just one. This will lead to the same dubious practice that happens in SL of people creating alts just to have multiple brands.


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