Microphone level ring

I'd like to propose a minor UI enhancement. The problem it addresses is us not knowing how loud we sound to other people. This includes when we are talking and when we are not. Especially when we don't realize our mic is still on when we are not talking for long periods.

The proposal is to display an animated ring around the microphone icon in desktop mode. When you are silent, the ring would be invisible. When talking normally, it would be flickering continuously in response to the decibel level and looking something like this:

When your voice (or other sounds) picked up by the mic is high decibel, the ring would flicker more into yellow and then red, like so:

There are two different ways you could indicate that someone's voice is overly soft. One way would be for the ring to shrink in thickness down to a fine line with no sound. The other is to fade it out, but maintain the ring's thickness.

Since VR mode does not have this ready-made placeholder, one compromise would be to only show this ring when someone brings up the toolbar that includes the microphone-mute button. The analogy there would be obvious, and it would provide at least one way to selectively see it in order to calibrate one's mic.

You should be able to implement this as an entirely client-side loop that does not require server involvement.


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