Chat script - How do I do this?

How do I get something specific to come up in chat after someone walks through a trigger volume.   (I've been able to get a local teleport to work when an AV walks through a trigger volume by adding the teleport script into the trigger volume.) 

For those of us who do not write scripts some more specific instructions are needed as to what script goes into what object and what settings need to be tweaked and how within the script window.  

I've been fiddling with Galen's scripts (thank you for them Galen) but I can't get the effect I am trying for right now.

Exaclty what scripts work in directly Sansar's Trigger Volume object other than the teleporter ones?  (Names please.)

I understand Galen's trigger volume script goes into the Sansar trigger volume object but then what?  What script goes into what sort of object after that?  What are the settings to make them work properly?  (Some examples of set ups would be wonderful.)

(I've read the reflex scripts web page and been to Galen's experience and I've tried several different things but I am still not getting it.)

Help Please!


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