Unlimited non-live experiences for paid subscribers

In the current subscription model, a free account gets up to 3 experiences and then the paid tiers offer 5, 10, or 20 experiences. I propose a small modification. Anyone with a paid subscription can have an unlimited number of experiences, but only those advertised numbers of live experiences. That is, the owner can work on any non-live experience and invite a small number of people (3?) to visit for collaboration at one time. But they can only keep the 5, 10, or 20 live for public consumption, depending on their subscription level.

The underlying premise behind this request is that disk storage of experiences costs very little while actively running experiences costs a lot more. Experiences that are not live are mainly just a storage burden.

Why would someone keep old experiences? I would like to keep every significant experience I've ever made for historical purposes. I also create copies of experiences to test ideas out. Right now, I can come close to this feature by stripping the experience off a scene. This is a bit of a pain to deal with, but shows that LL has the same underlying belief in the value of effectively unlimited disk storage for old experiences.

Why only for paid subscriptions? The low level subscription is pretty cheap ($10 a month) right now. If you really value your creations like I do, you probably won't mind paying a maintenance fee for the storage and for keeping your live experiences around, even if you are no longer active in creating content in Sansar. Of course, if LL wants to offer this to free accounts, too, I'd be even happier, but I would understand why they'd draw a line here. And maybe they would offer a cheap subscription ($1 / month?) to allow otherwise free accounts to be able to store their non-live experiences this way, too, in addition to the 3 live experiences.

One potential for abuse is if someone uses this as a way to offer specialty experiences that are only good for one or two people at a time. Probably the best way to mitigate this is policing and punishing abuses. It would not be difficult to make scripts that detect this pattern by, for example, noticing that more than, say, 5 different people have visited a non-live experience in the past month. Or that non-owners have spend more than 3 hours cumulatively visiting the experience in the past month. These sorts of scripts would create watch lists for Sansar cops to look in on. And to warn users about their potential abuses.

With thanks to JackTheRipper for a similar suggestion.


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