Stereoscopic Media Surface

I have been trying to get a stereoscopic 3D video working on a a media surface in Sansar for the past couple of days.  I took one of my original musical visualization videos and used Wondershare to turn it into a SBS video.  I then added the appropriate metadata tag using ffmpeg-metadata:s:v:0 stereo_mode=1g    and then I uploaded it to youtube.  I uploaded a media screen 3d model into sansar and set the material settings to media surface + stereographic.  Then I changed the media stream in scene settings to the youtube video I uploaded:


I then viewed it with my VR headset and got nothing but a black screen in Sansar.

The embedded url works fine from a browser and when I use whirligig with my VR headset it works too.  What am I missing?  Do you have any examples of a working setup that I can look at?  I would love to work with you in trying to get this and other media and 3D effects working in Sansar as that is one of my specialties.  Thanks.

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