Publish your Place: List: Where are "I'm Here available" people online?

A new tab opens up a new window like a PC game multi-player list, showing a list of player that have choosen to publish their online and/or place, all in a single list. "I'm Here open to talk." List.

This integrates perfectly into Sansar Experiences.

Not even SL have this out of its core.
Its own online page and with a interface inside the Sansar Viewer with people tagged to be online available to talk, and on top of list, who show their places, so you can go there and talk..

This is good because this will approach people a bit to talk, in sad days, when you cannot touch your building level, and want to talk.
You publish your place. And see a list of people that had publish their own places or other places they are visiting for the day! More ore less like the meeting days, but in a 24/7 list.
This will reveal that sansar is not popular?
Not really.
Many people is not here to talk but to  Make Experiences right now.

This possibility to publish your online status and experience you are, will help you promote your places too.

For example, I was online on my Laser level and no one knew I was there!
I wish everyone could see myself in a list.
I have one add that this list you can let enable a signature, that blips a very dimmy sound you configure with some pre-selected dimmy and wonderfull tones plim plim plum plim plim  by default.. or you configure to plim pllim plim.. or bum bum plin plum... Each time someone enter online, so they check the list, by sound feedback you already know Ah! someone is in and by this sound I know who is.. We can melt this sound into  sansar background music with a smart programmed dinamic music integration.

(option to turn on and turn off list of selp published online users if you dont want social integration)

I would not publish myself most of time but...that  would be fun.

Would be fun on those melancolic days, I need to refresh my Ideas.

The option goes away as soon you log out, so you can be away.

This is my Idea. Of a public list of players to interact as they demand,  like the best games we have.


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