More Options For Configuring Audio and Graphics and Controls

-- General --

Preferences to customize the interface in different ways is a must.  I feel that most of the people engaged in Sansar right now are mostly designers and creators. Very few people are just "users"; The people that want to enjoy the very things people are building. I am one such "user". While I may create in the near future, for now I'm getting a feel for the interface and how I can move around. Currently I'm just doing straight desktop and not getting into the VR just yet. In addition many people who may come to Sansar may be disabled and have extra needs sp customization is a MUST for them. Being able to increase font size in text or change it's color for better contrast is just an example. Even changing resolution can sometimes help someone with poor eye site still enjoy the site.

-- Audio --

I'm currently using an older system that is keeping up just fine. AMD Phenom II X6 at 3.4ghz. GeForce GTX 960 and just 8gigs of RAM. I also have 2 internal sound cards and 2 external ones. So, yes, I'd like to hear sounds through my premium 5.1 stereo surround sound but If I'm talking to people I want that isolated into my headset. Again we have an issue where someone may have a difficult time hearing and may prefer to have talk audio directly to a headset. (like me for example)

--- Gameplay --

I'd like to be able to set options that work with how I like to play. For example, maybe I'd like to set the teleport to a different mouse button or, I have a gaming mouse with more than just left and right buttons. We should be able to customize our "controller" so that we can choose what buttons do what. I'm sure there are even VR controls that people wish they could adjust to better suit a playing style.

-- Graphics --

It's also important to note that even with high end computer systems, the way something looks is always going to look a little different from system to system. Especially when you have different graphics cards that implement anti-aliasing differently and at different levels. Or computer monitors that present colors differently. Having graphics options allows the "user" such as myself to customize settings for the best quality experience. Some may argue that having graphics adjustments allows people to reduce graphics in order to boost performance and that doing so could make an experience look sub-par and reflect badly on the creator of that experience. I feel this can be somewhat adjusted so that if someone does "degrade" graphics for performance that you could have a warning. Maybe even have a way to have an experience require certain minimum settings.

-- Conclusion --

While it might seem the priority is on content, having a more customizable viewer I think should also be considered important. It's hard to enjoy an environment when you can't adjust how you interact with that environment or can't see or hear certain content because of lack of customization. While Sansar can't be considered a "game" in the strictest sense of the word, it's unique approach will attract many gamers and I feel that this lack of options will send them away. Also, make no mistake that the largest audience that is likely to give Sansar a try are going to be those coming from Second Life where they are used to more options and I've already talked to quite a few that simply walk away from Sansar for that very reason.  

Well, hehe, that's my 100 S's. :)


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