How to calculate this in sansar ?

In the past soemone did have me this line. because i could not figure out how. Now i decided to test that line in sansar. But you cannot do vector*quart.

This the line i used in SL. This the center line i used.

newpos = curpos-<0.0 ,0.0 , 0.0>*rot;

Now i would think, easy to convert. so i made this code.

Quaternion rotation = RigidBody.GetOrientation().Normalized();
Vector currentposition = RigidBody.GetPosition();
Vector centerposition = currentposition-new Vector(0.0f ,0.0f , 0.0f)*rotation;

But i get a Error;

Just got a smart idea.
Vector centerposition = currentposition - new Vector(0.0f * rot.X, 0.0f * *rot.Y, 0.0f * rot.Z);

But no, then where stuck with pointer errors. Reminds me at the pascal time and pointers.

Lost, i know this same one i could not figure out on other platform to. What it's doing at the end. is give you the start position of object and the end position on all axis. and the one above i used for the center. that way.




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