Circle_Spiral sound extends Visualization

Its hard to know where the sound will extend.
A simple and light script convert the spline curves into volume waves splines representation of the sound.  A circle around the sound source, 4 more splines can give a one time-light visual feedback of how is the volume reaching the level in a clean and afficient way.
Sound waves can be made into spline weight, bars or spiraling in case on long melody

Repeated waving circle curves 3 or more times let us know where the waves will stop, and where the sound will reach without having to test 4KM squares of sound all over the place.
This programming is quite easy. But needs some effort to set up working.
I need a visual.feedback where the sound is low and where it become inaudible without breaking scene editor performance or having to exaustively reach each square meter of my entire level to test.


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