My Experience is online

Hello all! i am so excited to be in Sansar and am LOVING it so far. I am still working on my experience but was hoping someone with a VR setup would visit to let me know if it works for VR. It will be a while before i will be able to afford my own VR rig so meanwhile i must rely on the kindness of others :).

You can access the houses by just walking thru the doors. I didn't put any collision pieces on them. I kept the houses to more human scale than i would in SL or opensim because of an article i read here on the forum that said that is better for VR.

I would also love to know if the sounds are too loud. I tried to keep them in the background but not sure a VR headset works the same as a regular headset.

I hope you all can visit, i am enjoying bouncing around others experiences!



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