Add "F" key to Keyboard Shortcut Documentation

Please add "F" key to Keyboard Shortcut Documentation

I have read through the Edit Mode documentation and I do not see any mention of the use of the "F" key to allow orbiting the camera around the selected object.

In a reply to a very old feature request https://help.sansar.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000099307-Avatar-Scale-Dummy-Camera-Pivot-Around-Selected-object-, Jason commented to press the "F" key and then hold the Right Mouse Button. The "F" key is a toggle and when we want to release this orbit mode, press "F" a second time. There are other conditions that release this orbit mode. One of these conditions is if you use the arrow keys to zoom in close to the selected object. To orbit the selected object again you will need to press the "F" key again. Please document all conditions that break us out of the orbit mode.



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