updating live experiences

This is a feature I think would be useful. Editing an experience that is already live and in the Atlas.

If we edit a live experience, save it and want to view it the only way is to build it and run it live. IF, when you build it and it's buggered something up (happens to me frequently) then you've buggered up the LIVE experience and anyone visiting it will see the bad update.

I know you could copy the experience and edit the copy, but if you save, build and go live with the copy then the URL will be different AND if you have popular experience that is high on the Atlas listings, this will be lost if you remove it (can't have TWO of the same experience live).

Not sure if I've explained myself well here, but at the moment I want to make changes to my experience and I am worried about breaking things when I click the 'build' button on an already Atlas listed experience.



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